I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can.

Why 2.0?

Navigator 2.0 surely makes you do the work. It’s a lot more code than Navigator 1.0 but, is it worth it? Well, if your project is needs to support the web, or deep/dynamic links, then it is. Here are the use cases that the new navigator solves better than its predecessor. These use cases might not be necessary for your project yet, but they’re the future we’re heading towards.

How it works?

Although there are a lot of parts at play, but I think these 5 are the most basic things that need…

A straight forward guide on how to check for connections in Flutter.

When we say check network connectivity, we often mean to check if internet is working on a device, but sometimes, it also means, check what kind of network I’m connected to, or, how fast is the network. Let’s take on these situations one-by-one.

Boiler Plate

Starting off with the boiler plate basic app.

Check If The Internet Is Working

For this we’re going to use a plugin called `internet_connection_checker` Note: This plugin is a null safe version of data_connection_checker.

Check What Type of Network We’re Connected To

We’re going to use a plugin called connectivity_plus.

Note: We didn't use the popular 'connectivity'…

As you know, Tor routes requests from atleast 3 nodes(by default) before querying the destination server. In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to control exit location (last node) in Tor.

Please visit the following url for the tutorial:

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What’s Tor? Software that helps you browse the internet anonymously (almost).
What’s stem? Python library to interact with Tor.

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to use the famous requests library to get resources from internet via Tor network. That means, we’ll be using tor as a proxy between us and the internet.

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I was born, yet, I don’t remember asking to be born. I don’t even recall somebody taking my opinion over it. I don’t know if it was possible to for me to have an opinion before existing. Regardless, Life, was given to me.

Life for me, is like a grey, concrete corporate office where one fine day, I woke up with the suit, the tie, the shoes and everything. I don’t seem to recall how I got here but I am at the ground floor and there is no way out. Everyone around me seem to be running late for…

Internet Relay Chat. Yes it still runs. Yes it is worth knowing.

Imagine it’s the 90s. Paisa is really a thing, cartoon network is not CN and “Shaktiman” still spins (at least in India he did). It was also a pre-whatsapp era. No messenger. No Slack. OMG how did we used to chat back then?

Internet Relay Chat

Today, IRC is one of the best ways to reach out to the internet communities. Android or web, old or new, nearly all the communities have one or more active channels on IRC.

Couldn’t I just join their slack channel / google group / telegram…

One of my favorite moments from PyCon India 2018.

I have been coming to PyCon India for two years now. Not much time, but enough for me realize why I would keep coming back.

It was the evening of October 5th, 2018. The workshops for PyCon were wrapping up and there were many people, just talking, discussing, having fun. Nobody in the room knew me. I knew no one except for a guy who I met in PyCon last year. He didn’t remember me. Why would he, I was a nobody.

Then, this feeling of ‘not belonging’ hit me. I probably have nothing much to say to any of…

By now, too many people have asked me on how to get started with python and what are some resources for beginners. This post is my way out of that.

Here’s a collection of python resources and some beginner questions that I usually end up answering. You might disagree with some answers, but, who cares.

All resources described here are free(in a way). I’ll be updating it when I find time. If you have anything that can be added here, you can message me on twitter.


Automating the boring stuff with python

Learning Python the hard way


Python for Everybody

There’s a big difference between values we learn as a kid and values we practice as an adult. Somewhere in between, we change our values to work-practically. So is there even a point of teaching children the impractical values?

Something Elvis said

“Respect Thy Elders”

As a kid, we’re told to respect our elders, no matter what. I was told the same. In Hindi, we have special words for addressing the elders. So the rules were clear — If anyone is older than you then you have to address them as “Aap”, Hindi’s ‘you’ for the people you respect.

It didn’t take long…

Life is what you do after you get back from work. That part of my life, is going dark.

The Void.

These days, I am reading Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Sixty pages in, the author talks about depression & anxiety that are caused from disconnection from meaningful work.

I was always aware that work that’s not meaningful leads to frustration (which we usually blow out in the weekends) but I never connected certain activities to it and now, when I think about it, may be our lives are going blank, and much of it can be blamed to the industry, or…

Manav Garg


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